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Seeking Lasting Social, Environmental & Economic Progress

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​Powered by equal measures of hope and resolve, our members aim to solve the world’s most complex problems by helping nonprofits, government entities, and corporations translate good intentions into concrete action.​

We bring together the world’s brightest minds and subject-matter experts to tackle some of the most complex and pressing challenges of our time. Gordian Knot Society members have access to exclusive networking events with like-minded professionals, invitations to lively discussion groups to exchange ideas on global issues, and the opportunity to join social impact consulting projects.

Our work includes strategy consulting and advisory services, growth and scaling support, and organizational effectiveness counsel. We also dive deep into issue areas through the creation of white papers, policy briefs and resource toolkits.

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We are a global network and accelerator for positive social, economic, and environmental change. We advise and work alongside public and private sector organizations who are committed to making a meaningful collective impact. 

From racial injustice to climate change, we harness our diverse community’s brain power at scale to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems.  We help organizations to develop, implement, measure, and increase awareness of their social impact initiatives.

Some examples include:


Shaping Social Progress & Scaling Impact

  • Project development, implementation, and measurement

  • Partner vetting and analysis

  • White paper and policy brief development

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Supporting Nonprofit Operational Effectiveness

  • Program audits and analyses

  • Fundraising strategy review and recommendations

  • Scaling of existing initiatives in new markets

Volunteer Opportunities
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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

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