Are you inspired to lend your intellectual capital to advance social justice and looking for the right opportunity?

Have you been searching for a community

of like-minded thinkers and doers?

The Gordian Knot Society is actively recruiting bright, committed, and

passionate professionals who want to leave their mark on our world.

We are looking for members who bring the below qualities:

  • A Heart for Community - at least a monthly commitment to giving back

  • A Thirst for Knowledge - holds a minimum of a bachelors degree

  • Innate or Learned Intelligence - high IQ society membership or placed in the 80th percentile or above on a standardized test

We created the Gordian Knot Society with a talent for genius as our centerpiece.

Equally important is an ethos for ambitious community service.

Our membership application process favors traditional measures of intelligence

and professional success with the intent of bringing together not only big dreamers

but also proven implementers.

We welcome all backgrounds and areas of focus; we also believe in the science of diversity and inclusion. More ideas from myriad voices will yield better results, and cultivating belonging creates a safe space to explore and incorporate new ideas.

Additional Membership Information:

  • Complete our application, outlining how you meet the above qualifications

  • If you don't meet all of the qualifications, apply anyway and tell us how your                non-traditional qualifications make you a great match. Please give particular   consideration to the last question on the application. 

  • As a Member, you will have access to innovation and communication tools plus a syndicate of colleagues to create or join your dream team and promote passion projects.

  • Annual dues are $48; sliding scale or payment options are available to make dues as painless as possible. These dues support the costs involved in creating and managing our virtual infrastructure and community, and they support our foundational principle of financial commitment to community-building.

  • We believe your value to the organization is not based solely on your ability to pay dues and should not be a barrier to participation; therefore, we offer limited scholarships for exceptional candidates based on need.

At this time, we are only able to consider US-based applicants.




Membership may not be right for you, so here are several other ways

to get involved with the Gordian Knot Society:

  • Project Sponsor: This pathway is for individuals or other organizations requesting 

a GKS team to bring their expertise to a project proposal. 

  • Subject Matter Expert: Having specialized knowledge, you desire to contribute, 

consult, or speak for a particular issue or event. 

  • Benefactor: Just want to support the Gordian Knot Society’s social justice mission by contributing financial support to drive project outcomes?  Benefactors are noble patrons who recognize that big dreams and passion projects often come with equally impressive costs and we welcome all of those who wish to financially support our efforts.



Sounds too good to be true? Not sure if it’s a good fit?
Check out a recording of our Virtual Open House.